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In late April 2013, NPR broadcast a series of reports on coffee during a series they simply called "Coffee Week." They reported on several topics including:

How Coffee Brings the World Together
Coffee for A Cause: What Do Those Feel-Good Labels Deliver?
How Coffee Influenced the Course of History

We hope you enjoy the reports. Here is a link to the entire series.

Five for Water and Green Mountain Coffee are pleased to announce an opportunity to raise money for your local Rotary Club and clean water initiatives worldwide. The program is specifically designed so that a significant percentage of the proceeds go to Rotary.

Featuring a selection of Fair Trade Certified and organic coffees, this program will provide revenue for your local Rotary Club, Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation's Clean Water for Coffee Growing Countries Donor Advised Fund.

This map shows participation in Five for Water's coffee program. More than 400 clubs from 44 states have taken part. The green states contain Rotary Clubs that have participated at least once. The blue states show the top 10 states with the most rotary club participation, and white means we haven't broken into that state yet. What color is YOUR state?